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January 12, 2007


Steve Hueber

What a cocky jerk. He has been getting rocked in MMA, and hasn't even faced anyone that good. What a tool.


Funny how he talks about K1-Max. He pussed out of the fight with John Wayne Parr. He has not fought anyone worth a dime in Muay Thai. He fought an thai that was a villager that was paid off...yes we know Kit that he was paid off.

All he has fought really has been kickboxing with a few MT bouts. You cant have legs of a chicken and call yourself a MT fighter. They train not like kit who takes roids instead of training.

Rob McCullough be the second round


i thought the fight beetween john wayne parr
and other man was rubbish john wayne came in to head strong and thought he could win shame he lost he was very good

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