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May 04, 2007



This interview makes me respect Ray Mercer a lot more.

He's very down to earth in his opinions on things and actually seems to have an optimistic approach to it.

I also respect that he's willing to go in there and try it out before making some outlandish claim like Floyd Jr. has done.

Mad props to Ray and I hope he has a good first fight.


Kimbo can take punches, but he hasen't fought a professional fighter. Though Ray is older, he's got technique. Can't wait to see the fight.


i personally think kimbo will be able to hold his own for maybe 2 rounds... but after that.... you know the fight with gannon how tired kimbo was.... and we know ray can fight strong upwards to 6 rounds.... so i think kimbo has a disadvantage... but... im deffinetly gunna watch this pay per view

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