January 30, 2008

Sporting News Interview With Strikeforce VP

By Media Buzz

Richard Wilcox, a columnist for The Sporting News Online, the web platform for the weekly sports newspaper, recently interviewed Mike Afromowitz, Vice President of leading mixed martial arts fight promotion, Strikeforce.

The following is a link to the full interview by Mr. Wilcox:

The Sporting News Online

May 09, 2007

The Iceman Scores ESPN Mag Cover

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is a big hit these days, both with Hollywood and the world of sports. From an appearance on HBO's hit series, Entourage, two weeks ago to the cover of Men's Fitness and the pages of Maxim, "The Iceman" has been on fire. Now, it's ESPN magazine's turn to showcase the UFC poster boy.

According to TheBostonHerald.com, Liddell will appear, along with his son, on the cover of the May 21st edition of the weekly magazine. Writer Allison Glock provides the written coverage.

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May 08, 2007

Couture To Appear On Sports Illustrated Cover

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

NBCSports.com writer Michael Chiappetta has revealed that UFC heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, will become the first mixed martial arts fighter in history to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated sometime this summer.

Longtime Sports Illustrated staff columnist, L. Jon Wertheim, wrote the story, which will look into the life of the only five-time champion in UFC's 14 year history.

At 43 years of age, Couture reclaimed the UFC heavyweight championship by earning a unanimous judges' decision over 6 foot 8 inch giant, Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia, in the main event of UFC 68 on March 3rd.

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May 03, 2007

Listen To Shamrock, Baroni Battle On The Air!

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Former UFC middleweight champion, Frank Shamrock, and UFC and Pride veteran, Phil Baroni, took their grudge to the radio airwaves on California's Free FM yesterday afternoon in promotion of their live Showtime Pay Per View showdown that will unfold at San Jose, California's HP Pavilion on Friday, June 22nd.

The segment began with Shamrock, sitting in the studio, taking questions from Free FM's host. It wasn't long before Baroni phoned in and quickly dropped bombs, not only on Shamrock, but also at the host whom he apparently felt was being partial to Shamrock.

Click on the play buttons below to listen to the entire interview, broken down into two parts:

Part I:

Part II:

May 02, 2007

Shamrock and Baroni Go Toe To Toe On The Air Today

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Former UFC middleweight champion and King of Pancrase, Frank Shamrock, will go toe to toe with his June 22nd Strikeforce-EliteXC opponent, "The New York Badass" Phil Baroni, during a live radio interview with California radio program, Free FM, at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time (5 PM Eastern Standard Time). Free FM is syndicated in Los Angeles (97.1 FM), the San Francisco Bay Area (106.9 FM), and San Diego (103.7 FM).

Over the course of the last several months, the grudge between the two outspoken knockout artists, who, interestingly enough, worked alongside one another as color analysts during two Strikeforce produced events last year, has mounted.

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April 30, 2007

Baroni Rocks "The Bone" Radio

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Phil Baroni is never at a loss for words, especially when it comes to his June 22nd opponent, Frank Shamrock.

Two weeks ago, "The New York Badass" sounded off about his upcoming, live Showtime Pay Per View showdown with the former UFC middleweight champion during a on-air interview with hosts Lamont and Tonelli at 107.7 FM "The Bone," the number one listened to rock music station in The San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Simply click the play button below to hear what Baroni had to say:

April 26, 2007

Frank Shamrock: "I'm A Trained Killer"

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Beginning with this piece, Martial Arts Fighting Online (MAFighting.com) will bring you the most in-depth coverage of the upcoming showdown between former UFC middleweight champion, Frank Shamrock, and UFC and Pride veteran, "The New York Badass" Phil Baroni.

Earlier this week, Shamrock had the opportunity to sound off about his nemesis during an interview on KNBR 680/1050 AM, the ESPN affiliate radio station in California's Bay Area. Shamrock also took the time to discuss a number of other issues including his childhood, the evolution of mixed martial arts, and the Gracie family.

Simply click on the play button below to hear what Shamrock had to say:

April 19, 2007

James Toney Calls Out MMA Fighters

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

In yet another boxing vs. mixed martial arts episode, an increasingly common topic of debate on the part of fighters and combat sports fans, three-time world boxing champion, James "Lights Out" Toney, stated in an online radio interview with Boxing Confidential, that he would be willing to accept a challenge inside the cage.

"UFC is not ready for someone like me. I am too violent," said Toney during the program. “If they want to make it boxer vs. UFC, if Dana White has the balls, like he does on TV, he can call Dan Goossen and we can make it happen. I will fight Randy Couture or Chuck Lindell.”

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April 16, 2007

UFC Prez Responds To Mayweather

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Issues challenge to "Pretty Boy" Floyd

Never at a loss for words, especially when the time comes to stand up for his sport, UFC President Dana White has responded to world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather's recent criticism of mixed martial arts.

Last week, the undefeated 29 year old Mayweather, Jr, who will face the biggest challenge of his career when he faces Oscar De La Hoya on Saturday, May 5th, was quoted as saying "UFC ain't shit. It ain't but a fad. Anyone can put a tattoo on their head and get in a street fight. We should put Liddell against a good heavyweight, under Mayweather Promotions, and if Chuck wins, then I’ll give him a million dollars out of my own pocket. These are guys who couldn’t make it in boxing."

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January 30, 2007

Media Buzz: Bloomberg Breaks Down IFL Stock

By Martial Arts Fighting Staff

Mixed martial arts is on Wall Street's radar. Not surprising considering the sport's first public company has been making waves in downtown New York City.

John Dorman, an analyst for leading online financial service data provider, Bloomberg.com, recently took an in-depth look at the International Fight League (IFL), and the company's stock price (Nasdaq symbol IFLI) that has risen an astonishing 64 percent this year - a pretty amazing feat considering the company's book value (assets minus liabilities) as of September 30th was -$960K and its total assets amounted to a mere $10K.

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